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Soal PTS/UTS B INGGRIS Kelas 9 Semester 2 SMP/MTs Beserta Jawaban

Soal PTS/UTS B INGGRIS Kelas 9 Semester 2 SMP/MTs Beserta Jawaban

Soal PTS/UTS Bahasa INGGRIS Kelas 9 Semester 2 SMP/MTs Beserta Jawaban
– Pada postingan sebelumnya admin sudah berbagi informasi tentang 
Soal PTS/UTS SENI BUDAYA Kelas 9 Semester 2 SMP/MTs Beserta Jawaban, pada kesempatan yang baik ini admin kembali mengupdate informasi yang berkaitan dengan Soal Penilaian Tengah Semester atau Ulangan Tengah Semester (PTS/UTS) SMP/MTs semester genap berdasarkan Mata Pelajaran Bahasa INGGRIS, berikut informasi selengkapnya :
Dengan semakin dekatnya Penilaian tengah semester (PTS) yang akan sebentar lagi dilaksanakan tentunya Bapak/Ibu Guru sedang memerlukan Soal-soal PTS untuk dijadikan bahan ujian pada anak didiknya, terutama pada saat akan menyusun dan membuat soal tes ujian Penilaian Tengah Semester Genap, Soal PTS/UTS untuk Kelas 9 Semester 2 beserta kunci jawabannya akan admin bagikan pada akhir postingan.

Surat Edaran yang baru-baru ini di publikasikan oleh Kementerian Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan (Kemdikbud) bahwa soal PTS Kurikulum 2013 harus memenuhi ketentuan standar soal terbaru dan harus sudah terintegrasi dengan pembelajaran HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills). Oleh karena itu sengaja admin berbagi Soal PTS dalam rangka mempermudah semua rekan-rekan guru.

Oke langsung saja untuk lebih jelasnya silahkan simak contoh soal Penilaian Tengah Semester Genap yang admin tuliskan berikut ini dari nomor 1 - 20 sebagai contoh saja dan file selengkapnya dapat di unduh pada akhir postingan:

Choose the correct answer by crossing (x) a, b, c,  or d !!

How to Operate Blender
  • Make sure the switch is off.
  • Place ingredients into the blender container. Add some water if needed.
  • Put the lid on.
  • Place the container on the motor housing.
  • Plug in the cable.
  • Select one of two speed buttons as required. Use PULSE switch for precision blending. When adding ingredients or seasonings, remove the small lid for adding things in the middle of the blender lid.
  • After grinding, press the switch off.
  • Unplug the cable.

1. What does the manual tell you?
  • a. How to grind
  • b. How to use blender
  • c. How to make use a refrigerator
  • d. How to operate a mixer

2. What do we press when we want a very smooth result?
  • a. Off switch.
  • b. On switch.
  • c. one switch
  • d. pulse switch

3. How many speed buttons are there?
  • a. One.
  • b. Two.
  • c. three
  • d. Four

4. What is the purpose of the text?
  • a. To describe something.
  • b. To instruct something.
  • c. To narrate a story.
  • d. To argue on something

5. Do you always have to add water?
  • a. Of course.
  • b. No.
  • c. yes
  • d. Certainly

6. Use PULSE switch for precision blending. The word which is not the synonym of the underlined word, EXCEPT….
  • a. Fine
  • b. Well
  • c. chunks
  • d. Excellent

7. What do we do when we want to add something in the blender?
  • a. Open the lid.
  • b. Open the small closure on the lid.
  • c. Plug in the cable.
  • d. Place the container on the motor housing.

8. When do we plug the cable in?
  • a. Before placing the container on the motor housing.
  • b. Before putting the lid on.
  • c. After placing the container on the motor housing.
  • d. After pressing the switch on.

9. The following are the synonyms of lid, EXCEPT….
  • a. Cover
  • b. Top
  • c. close
  • d. Cap

10. Hereka : What do you think of my new tie dye shirt?
Retno : …Did you make it on your own?
Hereka : Yes, I did.
  • a. I doubt it.
  • b. Can you show me how to make tie dye shirt?
  • c. Certainly!
  • d. Wow, it’s great!

11. Ratu : Let’s ask everyone in our class to help clean the beach.
Ketut : …that they are willing to. Not everyone cares for our nature.
Ratu : Yeah, but it’s worth trying.
  • a. Mmm..
  • b. Certainly
  • c. really
  • d. I doubt

12. Bonar : Is it possible to make other people aware of the loss that they can cause?
Putri : …I don’t think we can make everyone aware of their damaging action.
  • a. OK.
  • b. What was that again?
  • c. I’m very certain about it.
  • d. I’m not so sure about it.

13. Sandi : … the lesson once again, Mam?
Mrs. Sinta : Of course. Listen to me.
  • a. Can you help me to write b.
  • b. Would I help you toc.
  • c. Could I explaind.
  • d. Would you mind explaining2.

14. Dede : Have you heard about Aris?
Yadi : No, Not yet. What’s wrong with him?
Dede : He is the winner of the English competition.
Yadi : ….
  • a. I am sorry to hear that b.
  • b. I’m glad to hear the newsc.
  • c. I’m very displeased with itd.
  • d. How terrible!

Read the following text and answer questions 15 and 17
The washington park Zoo monkey island is closed indefinitely due to deterioration of exhibition. After 80 years of operation, the exhibition is considered no longer safe to exhibit monkeys or to be services by zoo employees.
MOnkey island will be closed until further notice and will eventually be restored after major renovation take place. The zoo has plans to design a new modern monkey island exhibit and will unveil those once they have been set.

15. Why did the government close the monkey island? because...
  • a. It will hold an exhibition
  • b. it is no longer safe for visitors
  • c. it does not get fund for its renovation
  • d. the zoo employees served the visitors badly

16. "....adn will unveil those once they have been set (paragraf 1).
the underlined word means
  • a. introduce
  • b. inform
  • c. cover
  • d. open

17. The announcement tell us about...
  • a. the exhibition of the monkey
  • b. the renovation of monkey island
  • c. the new modern design of the zoo
  • d. the close sure of monkey island

Text for questions 18 – 20.

Attention, please!
All students of grade IX are required to gather in the school hall after the second break.
Mr. Handoko, our headmaster, will say something about the national examination. Thank you.

18. What is the announcement about?
  • a.The information about the school hall.
  • b.The direction before gathering in the school hall.
  • c.The instruction for students of grade IX.
  • d.Information about the headmaster.

19. When will the students meet the headmaster? 
  • a.At the first break.
  • b.After the second break.
  • c.After the national examination.
  • d.Before the national examination.

20. Where are the students required to gather? 
  • a.In the school hall.
  • b.In Mr. Handoko’s hall. 
  • c.In the teachers’ office.
  • d.In the headmaster’s office.

Bagi Bapak dan Ibu Guru yang membutuhkan Soal Penilaian Tengah Semester Genap Kelas 9 Beserta Kunci Jawaban, silahkan unduh File-nya melalui link dibawah ini :

Keterangan : Apabila terdapat ketidaksesuaian pada soal-soal PTS/UTS diatas, silahkan sesuaikan dengan kebijakan sekolahnya masing-masing.

Demikian yang dapat admin sampaikan terkait informasi Soal PTS/UTS Bahasa INGGRIS Kelas 9 Semester 2 SMP/MTs Beserta Jawaban, semoga bermanfaat . . .*)

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